Energy Performance Certificate London

Energy Performance Certificate London

Energy Performance Certificate London

Energy Performance Certificates For London Homeowners

If you are a homeowner in London, North, South, East or West, can provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate, (EPC). We cover all areas within M25.

Domestic EPC Requirement

The Home Information Pack, (HIP), was suspended in May 2010.  All that remains of this legislation is the area that focuses on energy performance.  If you are selling your property, by law, you must provide an EPC.  You cannot exchange contracts without a valid EPC in place.

EPC Definition

An EPC is a record of the actual and potential energy savings possessed by a property.  A property is assessed following the United Kingdom’s Standard Assessment Procedure.  The performance is scored by the energy use per square metre of floor area.  The environmental impact, (carbon dioxide emissions), and fuel cost determine the energy efficiency.

Information Contained In An EPC

The EPC states comprehensible information regarding the energy performance of a property.  Along with this information, it also makes recommendations about how you can improve the energy performance of your home.

Duration Of An EPC Assessment

The duration of the EPC assessment may take twenty-five minutes, up to one hour.  It depends on the age, size, and access of the property.  For the inspection, both an internal and external assessment must be competed.  Prior to the inspection, make sure the assessor can access all loft spaces and heating appliances.

The Assessor Will:

  1. Count the number of windows that are double-glazed, the number of low-energy light bulbs, and the number of open fireplaces
  2. Check the make and model of boilers under EU SEDBUK regulations
  3. Check for green energy devices, (solar panels)
  4. Note the construction of the walls and measure the roof insulation
  5. Confirm type of heating system
  6. Categorise type of material used for insulating hot water cylinders
  7. Assess heat loss via the roof
  8. Note excessive window areas in large homes
  9. Count the number of rooms being heated

After The Inspection

After our assessor completes the inspection, the results are uploaded to the proper governing body.  The governing body creates the certificate and sends it back to our team.  Once you have completed your payment, we will send your certificate in a secure PDF electronic format.  EPC certificates are good for ten years.  We can always retain a copy of your certificate here at and you may access it at anytime.

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