EPC Certificate

What is a EPC Certificate

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) provides an overview specifics of the prospective energy overall performance of your property, its material and facilities. The Energy Performance Certificate provides an A to G ranking – referred to as Asset Ranking – of your energy efficiency depending on the CO2 emissions. The EPC Certificate also offers suggestions for upgrades to further reduce CO2 emissions and energy bills.

If you have a home to sell or a property on rent in the United Kingdom, it is compulsory for you to have a Energy Performance Certificate, or an EPC. The EPC gives an indication to the prospective buyers or tenants on how energy efficient your property is, and the certificate has to be submitted compulsorily, as required by the law.

In a scenario where prices of electricity and gas is rising at an alarming rate, causing a great concern towards carbon footprint, EPC serves as a snapshot of how a home in UK is likely to run, and is there any chances of reducing its impact on the environment.

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What is covered in an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate provides detailed information about a wide spectrum of the elements that gives a clear picture of a home’s energy efficiency performace. This includes:

  • Lighting: It is considered whether you use energy saving light bulbs
  • Insulation: How thick are the walls of your home? Do you have cavity wall insulation installed in your home? Do you have single or double glazing?
  • Heating system: The EPC inspection considers whether your home has a central heating system or an energy efficient boiler. It is also considered whether water is heated only on demand or it is stored.
  • It is taken into consideration whether you generate your own energy. Do you use a solar panel or wind turbine with a micro-generator?
All these factors are collated to attribute an energy efficiency rating to your property, which is calculated out of 100, and then categorized into 7 bands, A-G. Carbon emission of your home is also taken into consideration here.

EPC also attributes a potential rating in similar manner. Larger the gap between potential and actual ratings, greater is the scope to improve energy efficiency of the home.

For more information on EPC, please visit EPC London FAQ