Gas safety certificate

Gas safety certificate

To ensure that the gas systems (i.e. boiler appliances) on your property are functioning safely and efficiently, you need a Gas Safety Inspection.  You should have an inspection carried out either when buying or renting your property.

By law, all of your gas appliances need to be inspected for safety once a year, per instructions supplied by the manufacturer.  These gas appliances include boilers, cookers and gas fires.

At Green London EPC, our Gas Safe registered engineers will inspect all of your gas appliances as a safety check process. The safety checks cover the following areas:

  • Correct Setting, Correct Operating Pressure
  • Dangerous gases removed safely when expelled in to outside environment
  • Check ventilation routes are clear and functioning correctly
  • Making sure all safety devices are properly functioning

All Defects will be identified during this inspection process. We will provide an extensive report with our Gas Safety Certification service on your property.

The purpose of the gas safety record is to ensure that you know that both the gas appliances as well as the fittings have been inspected and are working safely.  It also ensures that your appliances meet safety standards.  You also know the schedule for your annual inspections.  The record includes the engineer’s name and Gas Safe registration number so you have the information in your records.

All together, the session takes from a half to an one hour and you will receive your gas safety certificate right away.

Gas Safety Inspection plus Boiler Service

Adding a boiler service to your gas safety inspection will further ensure that your entire gas system is working efficiently and safely.

A primary source for carbon monoxide poisoning related to gas leaks is gas boilers.  Having a gas boiler serviced regularly is twofold.  First, it ensures that people living in the home are safe, and it prolongs the life and efficiency of the boiler.

Our gas engineers are qualified and they will facilitate the life of your boiler by servicing it per the manufacturer’s instructions.  They will also recommend that you have your gas boiler and/or appliances serviced once a year.

To have both services, the scheduled time will be from 45 to 90 minutes.