What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

The Government And Energy Performance Certificates

According to regulations in the UK, all buildings have to have an energy performance certificate, (EPC), prior to being sold or leased.  Existing buildings and new buildings alike must have an EPC.  If you are going to lease or sell a property, you must have an EPC.

Accredited SAP or SBEM assessors who use accredited software must be employed to create your EPC.  All our assessors at LondonEPC.co.uk are fully qualified and accredited. The certificate will be valid for ten years.  However, if you add on to your home or install a new boiler, your certificate can become void as major changes can drastically alter the structure’s use of energy.

What an EPC means

EPC’s are everywhere now.  You will notice the colour-coded A-G energy ratings on buildings, cars and white goods.

Domestic EPC’s focus on environmental impact and energy bills, whereas commercial EPC’s focus on carbon dioxide emissions.  You can expect a rating of B, C, or D if your home has good insulation, a new heating system and good air tightness.  Buildings that receive the highly coveted A rating are those that expel very little carbon dioxide.  It is not impossible to achieve the A rating, but it can take a generous investment.

New homes are required to have an EPC

For an EPC, there is no pass or fail, unlike SAP and SBEM.  However, the higher the rating is, the more attractive your property will be to prospective buyers and tenants!

EPC’s for your Business or your Building

Although acquiring an EPC is mandatory, we feel that it gives you an excellent avenue to display your green capabilities.  Below, we have listed the four situations where you will be required to have an EPC:

  1. Commercial (new build or conversion)
  2. Residential (new build or conversion)
  3. Existing Residential Properties
  4. Existing Commercial Properties

We create energy performance certificates for residential new builds or conversions from the information gathered during the SAP calculation.   In the instance of a new build, we complete your EPC when the building is finished and the air testing is done.  This is included in our SAP service.

Commercial properties that are being sold or rented have been required to have an EPC since April 2012.  Your agent must include it in the sales pack.  Our assessors must inspect your property and create your certificate.  We areas we cover for EPC Certificates are throughout Greater London.

Our experience and expertise will ease your concerns regarding your EPC.  If your business is in construction or building design, we promise we will make your life easier, guaranteed.

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